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Debt Restructuring, Resolution, and Bankruptcy

Debt Restructuring, Resolution, and Bankruptcy

Most often, circumstances beyond a person's control such as illness, job loss, divorce, business downturns, or investment reversals, create financial hardship. Bankruptcy is one approach to resolving such problems and relieving the stress of pressuring creditors and is still an option for many despite recent changes in bankruptcy law.
The current bankruptcy law requires that we identify ourselves as a "debt relief agency." The full array of debt relief offered by the "old" law is still available but now a few more standards must be met. Our firm will guide and assist you in navigating the bankruptcy code.
Our firm is experienced in handling all aspects of landlord/tenant law including matters where a tenant files for bankruptcy. We are experienced in dealing with matrimonial actions and contractual matters especially when complicated by bankruptcy-related issues.

When should you consult with a bankruptcy attorney?

  • When you're behind in one or more mortgage or car payments
  • When your credit card debt is growing larger and larger because you continue to use your charge cards but you don't pay the balances
  • When you find yourself paying only the minimum payments
  • When you find yourself charging necessary items like food and health 
  • When you can't pay your property or income taxes or utility bills on time
  • When loss of employment or illness prevents you from meeting your monthly obligations
  • When you and your spouse divorce and are left with burdensome expenses that prohibit you from moving on
  • When you're sued by your mortgage company, car lender, or credit card company
  • When you need time and a plan to catch up on an obligation like a mortgage or car payment

What Can Bankruptcy Do for You?

  • Give you a fresh start
  • Stop creditor harassment and wage executions
  • Stop foreclosure and sheriff's sale
  • Prevent or reverse repossession of vehicles
  • Remove judgments from your real estate
  • Resolve IRS and insurance surcharge problems
  • Restructure and consolidate debt
  • Give you the time you need to catch up
  • Create a budget plan you can live with and relieve personal stress
Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 allow people to get a "discharge" of certain debts. It is important to confer with experienced counsel to identify and pursue the appropriate course of action. Chapter 11 assists those whose businesses are in trouble.
The initial consultation fee for most personal debt-related issues is $75.00. If an extended consultation is needed, time is billed at the hourly rate. That fee is paid at the time of the consultation; however, it will be credited to the total retainer should you go forward with the recommended course of action.
The length and cost of a consultation for business debt-related issues depends on the complexity of the business structure. We will carefully consider your individual needs and advise you accordingly.
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